Ivyhill Technologies is an Enterprise Information Management service provider. We offer cost-effective solutions and quality staffing to commercial businesses, and Federal, State, & Local Government Agencies. Committed to excellence in an ever-changing business climate, Ivyhill Technologies partners with its customers to meet their objectives while exceeding their expectations.

Data Protection & Cybersecurity
Data is the currency of the digital workplace, but outdated approaches to
data protection or cybersecurity is putting your business at high risk.

We provide a comprehensive cybersecurity defense to prevent and respond to cyberattacks.
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Backup alone is not enough
Ivyhill offers a comprehensive defense with active protection,
static machine-intelligence-based analyzer, and a behavioral engine.

Take the guesswork out of your organization's Cyber Strategy.
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Cyberthreats are evolving.
Your cybersecurity should too!
Your business' cybersecurity posture is unfortunately only as strong
as your weakest link. No business is immune to attackers.
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Intelligent Queue Management
Ivyhill Technologies revolutionizes businesses with data-driven queue management solutions, optimizing customer experiences. Harness the power of data for efficient operations and satisfied customers.
Intelligent Queue Management
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