Records Management Solutions & Services

Ivyhill Technologies, is an Information Management company that provides Records, Case, Knowledge, and Content Management solutions and services to Federal & local Government and commercial clients.  Of particular interest, using modernization and intelligent process automation, our Records Management (RM) solutions offer key services that enhance the RM services offered within an Agency for a complete Records Program.

Records Schedule Management

A repository to manage the collection of applicable NARA and Agency specific schedules.  The records schedule repository offers the RM office a schedule management solution that is searchable by schedule attributes such as source, title, disposition citation, description, or any available metadata defined.  Key attributes such as Acceptable Formats, Disposition, Cutoff and Retention instructions, as well as a link to the complete schedule are exposed for quick reference. Additionally, schedule status is used to indicate to users if schedules are approved, superseded, suspended, withdrawn, etc.

Records Inventories & File Plans

Our records inventory solution provides Records Custodians the ability to create an inventory of records leveraging the schedule repository for reference in the classification of content.  Inventories identify assets at the schedule item level pulling the series description, disposition, cutoff, and retention directly from the schedule repository. Inventory Items include volume, storage location, indicators for essential or restricted use, and have built-in workflow to route draft inventories to respective RLOs for confirmation and acceptance of each office’s inventory.  Upon inventory approval a File Plan is created and made available for reference by personnel for the care and maintenance of identified records.

RM Analytics
View integrated business intelligence reporting and dashboards across the program to identify trends and new key analytics.
Records Schedule Review (RSR)
A module to support the periodic review of records schedules in your schedule repository. Configurable notifications schedules approaching periodic review and alerts for schedules that have passed their review date.
Capstone Management
Track individuals occupying key Agency positions for accession through automation rules, notifications, and reporting. Workflow provides notification and acknowledgment from designees, and daily reporting to OCIO of candidate accounts ready for accession to NARA.
Knowledge Management
Manage frequently asked questions and offer self-service support to end-users freeing up resources for higher-value work. Allow end users to post questions for moderated response by RM staff which feeds into KM for continuous improvement of organizational knowledge.

Records Liaison/Custodian (RLO/RC) Management​

The designation of Records Liaison Officer (RLO), Assistant RLOs, Custodians, etc. are used to assign responsibility of organizational entities (divisions, departments, units, etc.) With a registration process, custodians can be nominated and approved to participate in the RLO program.

Records Management Site Visit Program (RSVP)

This module provides a tablet accessible application to capture remote site visit details with auto-generated pre-defined, 36 CFR-based or custom questions.  Checklists with annotation and photo capture making documentation accurate in real-time.  When the assessment is complete, simply extract the pre-defined After Action report for management communication.