Infrastructure Support

IT systems operations and maintenance (O&M) includes all software and hardware associated with applications, servers, and networking. Whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid solution, we deliver a secure, reliable, and efficient IT infrastructure to help your business grow with a secure and reliable digital ecosystem.

IT Infrastructure Support

A repository to manage the collection of applicable NARA and Agency specific schedules.  The records schedule repository offers the RM office a schedule management solution that is searchable by schedule attributes such as source, title, disposition citation, description, or any available metadata defined.  Key attributes such as Acceptable Formats, Disposition, Cutoff and Retention instructions, as well as a link to the complete schedule are exposed for quick reference. Additionally, schedule status is used to indicate to users if schedules are approved, superseded, suspended, withdrawn, etc.

IT Operational Security

IT Security is critical in the 21st-century digital workplace. Unforeseen global events can impact your organization in previously unthinkable ways. It is now more crucial than ever to have a cybersecurity solution that’s manageable, scalable, and capable of handling both on-premise and cloud business workloads. Ivyhill offers one industry leading Cyber Protection to keep your business secure and ready for the unforeseen threats of tomorrow.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
Working technology is critical to any organization's operation. Ivyhill Tech helps keep your technology and your organization operating. Keep your business running with Ivyhill Support Services.​
Cyber Protection
Having a secure and recoverable system is the most important part of protecting your organization. Ivyhill helps keep your business safe through active protection to ensure your systems and data are protected.
Cloud Solutions & Management
Onsite and remote organizations need to have reliable and trusted cloud solutions. Being able to have employees access work critical documents from anywhere is vital to staying competitive.
Help Desk / IT Support Solutions
Ivyhill offers help desk support so your critical systems always have someone looking out for them. We support behind the scenes or on the front line. Don't be left alone when you need help the most.

Need Infrastructure Security Solutions or O&M Support?

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