Information Management

Ivyhill specializes in getting your mission-critical information to the right people, at the right place, at the right time; helping you manage both physical and digital data throughout the information lifecycle regardless of source or format.

Get Control of your Information

Information is the currency of the 21st-century digital workplace. Make sure your mission-critical documents are accessible and secure by contacting Ivyhill today. Our specialists will make sure that you are not without one of your most crucial assets when you most need it. We offer flexible solutions to help you handle your information securely.

Ivyhill offers a wide array of Information Management services and solutions to keep your organization secure and functional at all times. Not all of your information starts out or is stored digitally. We offer flexible scanning and storage solutions for organizations of all sizes with Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) and in increasing capability to capture even handwritten content with greater accuracy than ever before. Let Ivyhill help you get legacy documents stored digitally to secure them and save valuable workspace. Contact us today for a consultation.

Records Management

Whether you’re still kicking boxes around or declaring digital assets as records, we can help establish a new or automate an existing records management program. Ivyhill specializes in developing records schedule repositories, inventories, file plans, disposition management, and auditing of disposal actions.¬†¬†

Records Management
Avoid potential costly litigation issues due to improper retention or disposal of declared records by ensuring a documented records management program is in place and being adhered to by all custodians across the organization.
Business Intelligence‚Äč
Data storage and the analytics tools designed to mine data has enabled our clients to find significant patterns and trends to support critical decisions. Ivyhill can help you make sense of your organizational data by turning it into valuable information.
Scanning and Imaging
Ivyhill can help turn your organization's physical records into digital assets as well as extract valuable data elements into decision support systems. Ivyhill can help define a document conversion strategy that meets your needs.
Customer Service
From basic help desk to more complex service desk operations such as SOC, NOC, or Medical Appointment Scheduling, Ivyhill is prepared to support your operation with customer service and support solutions based on your needs.
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