Frustrated by development rework costs?Organizations often overlook testing until the end of development when rework is at one of the most expensive points in a project leading to cost-overruns and late delivery.  Ivyhill’s spec-driven, standards approach to verification and validation minimizes these risks by addressing test-case development before coding starts.  As a result, consistent and cohesive test cases ensure that teams are building the product right and the right product is being built.

“Are we building the RIGHT product? Are we building the PRODUCT right?”


answers the question, “Are we building the product right?” It’s the process of determining whether or not the software products of a given phase of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) fulfill the established requirements.


evaluates the software products throughout the lifecycle to ensure those products meet the customer’s needs. Validation answers the question, “Are we building the right product?”

Benefits of IV&V

  • Produce a higher confidence that delivered products are error free and meet the user’s needs
  • Increases the likelihood of uncovering high-risk errors early in the development lifecycle rather than after the product is delivered
  • Provide delivery of ongoing status indicators and performance reporting to decision makers (e.g. program managers)
  • Reduces the need for rework thereby reducing total costs to programs and projects
  • Facilitates the transfer of system and software engineering best practices